NuBorg on the move with new album and London show

If you’ve got an interest in new music, then we have a new artist for you to keep a sharp eye on:

This is the title track to a brilliant new album from Norwegian songwriter Gunhild Nyborg, under her stage name NuBorg. ‘Sliding Off the Edge of the World‘ is a nine track LP which is typified by the thoughtful beauty of its lead song.

You can also hear the song live this week as well, if you find yourself in the London area. NuBorg will be in the UK for the first time with live band in tow, at the Islington in London. If you can get along, then you should – based on all the evidence, it will be a transcendent show. Don’t miss it!

NuBorg – new single ‘One Day ‘

The bond theme that never was, this little gem is the latest track from Norwegian singer-songwriter Nuborg.

As has been the pattern for her other recent singles, this is very well written alternative pop music, and if you don’t believe me, check out the pre-chorus breakdowns building up to a key and chord change in the chorus that really sideswipes you.

This is an excellent song built on solid structures.


VIDEO: ‘You You’ by NoBorg

From the very opening of this new single from NuBorg, you can tell you’re in safe hands. The picked guitar chords that lead into the quiet opening verse and chorus are sublime, as is the fragile vocal. It makes for a small but solid opening for the excellent pop song.

Things kick in more for the second verse, where the drums pull everything together and the chorus turns into a soaring, layered thing of beauty. The drop out and final build is just the cherry on the cake.

‘You You’ is out now, and precedes the debut album from NuBorg in August.

NuBorg, ‘Sliding Off The Edge of the World’ single out now (‘You You’ coming soon)

The latest single in a project which sees a new song released on the 15th of each month (until the full album is available in the summer), ‘Sliding Off The Edge of the World’ is a haunting track about the fear of losing a love you’ve come to depend upon.

The title itself is a poignant metaphor for the feeling of losing control to someone else in a relationship, and marks out NuBorg as an artist with a very deliberate approach to her lyrics.

Follow up, ‘You You’ – an altogether more hopeful track according to early reports – will be available May 15th and hopefully reviewed on this very page.